Vadym Honcharuk

Director and Chief Design Engineer
Mr. Honcharuk specializes primarily in the administration and project management in the company. Combining organizational approaches with development and execution of tasks. Mr. Honcharuk has an extensive experience with environmental audit, consulting, legal issues and involves in the most complex and non-standard investigation and research. Mr. Honcharuk has been the founder and a general manager of the company for more than 20 years.

Viktoria Chyzhyk

Senior Specialist
Ms Chyzhyk specializes in the most complex and long-term projects. She possesses a profound knowledge of the technological features of various manufactures and productions. She is confident and methodical in providing solutions, no matter how complex the tasks are. Ms Chyzhyk's knowledge and experience allow us to successfully implement projects in various industries.

Oleksandr Kots

Head of Environmental Measurement Laboratory, Deputy Director
Mr Kots is the head of the environmental measurement laboratory. He has extensive experience and perfect practical skills in instrumental and laboratory measurements including methodology, features and nuances of laboratory measurements in environmental analysis. Mr Kots carries out administrative, organizational and operational work of the laboratory. He provides technical support of the company.

Alla Honcharuk

Accounting and Finance
Mrs Honcharuk is financial manager of the company. She is in charge of document management, preparation of tender and commercial documentation and accounting. She carries out some the administrative and organizational tasks and provides every day support to the company's activities.

Victoriya Tsymbaliuk

Leading Engineer
Ms Tsymbaliuk is a specialist in performing project documentation for obtaining emissions permits, environmental impact assessments, design of sanitary protection zones, monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gases among others. Ms Tsymbaliuk 's knowledge and experience allow us to successfully implement projects in various industries.

Taisia Hrunkovska

Leading Engineer
Ms Hrunkovska specializes in special water use and waste management. Her extensive experience and knowledge help her to address customers’ challenges confidently and perfectly with consideration of all options and features.

Oleksandr Kushnirenko

Engineer of Environmental Measurement Laboratory
Mr Kushnirenko specializes in environmental measurements and investigations. He supports company’s operation including inventory of stationary sources emissions during environmental assessment/auditing missions.

Olena Roman

Environmental Engineer
Ms Roman specializes in preparing documentation for obtaining an emissions permit. She is distinguished by her extraordinary analytical skills. Ms Roman’s extraordinary abilities of analysis and concentration give all the grounds and opportunities for successful achievements of the tasks.