About the company




PE "Inter-Eco" has been providing consulting, solutions and services in the field of industrial ecology and environmental protection. The company was founded in 1999, and since 2006 has become a leader in its field.

For over 20 years we have successfully implemented thousands of environmental projects in the field of measurement and monitoring, investigations and research, development of design solutions as well as providing consulting services. The company`s activities are in different sectors of the economy in most regions of Ukraine.

PE "Inter-Eco" provides services to international and local companies of various size, type of activity, form of ownership and organizational structure in Ukraine.  Since 2013, Inter-Eco has been actively cooperating with foreign partners and institutions by delivering work according to both Ukrainian and international standards and requirements.



We are working to help our clients to be more environmentally friendly

Environmental problems are not personal. Their consequences end in the state of environment - natural, urban or social – one way or another.

Our aim is to prevent the transformation of simple and complex environmental challenges into risks and negative consequences for the environment and the client.

Every project, solution and consultation, which we deliver, endeavor to make our client`s activities more environmentally friendly.



We believe that success is possible only by following our own principles, as follow

Independence and commitment. We adhere to our declared values, take decisions in accordance with the principles and procedures developed and achieve leadership solely due to real and honest competitive advantages. This basic rule was formed and laid down from the very beginning of our activities. We have confidently been guided by that and will follow in the future despite all the complexities and ambiguities of running honest and sustainable business in real conditions.

Focus on the result. This is a fundamental issue for us. We bring all our commitments to successful completion. We are committed to be effective, take responsibility and deliver the highest quality service. Our approach is to comply with the commitments made, at all stages and in every detail.

Adhere to sustainable development in decision-making and to the best practices during implementation. It is not possible to resolve all challenges of the environment at once. There are no limits of perfection either. Therefore, the main thing is to choose the right direction and get on the path of friendly attitude to the environment. Internationally recognized and proved approaches are the key to balanced solutions that will protect the environment from anthropogenic factor, and the client - from ineffective actions and additional costs.

Complete understanding of the client's needs. Any case begins with the systematization of collected information problem statement. Ascertain current performance of the client helps to complete the entire list of necessary steps and actions to take. The client’s requests often reveal a small visible part of the iceberg of the whole range of existing environmental challenges and risks. The main thing in such situation is to clearly formulate and communicate the whole challenges and their possible consequences.  As those who are informed are prepared.

Our leading


Our approach in achieving goals is based on unique and original solutions.

Our company is always at the forefront of the most relevant and important issues of industrial ecology and environmental protection. We apply innovating approaches and the latest expertise during project implementation.

Individual and flexible approaches, original and relevant ideas, as well as professional and feasible solutions for each particular case are our defining feature when achieving the goal and implementing the tasks.

Each project is a separate page of our book, which we write diligently and responsibly. We continue to spread positive experiences with dignity and to share unique knowledge.



A dedicated and cohesive team is a core of our company’s capabilities and capacities

All our team members are professional ecologists who consciously and deliberately chose this profession as the call of life.

Each team member makes his/her unique contribution in the common cause of Inter-Eco.

Although the team has been changed throughout the company's history, its every member showed commitment to the company's values, responsibility and outstanding professional qualities.


Awards and Certificates

Professionalism and competence of the company are confirmed by numerous documents and certificates